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 Hydratight Global Marketing 

4 minute Hydratight corporate promotional video written and produced by Tom Feehan and Token Media.  Video is utilized internationally with 4 different subtitled language versions created.

 National TV Commercial 

This clever 30 second spot mimics the iconic 60's commercial with the native american tears at the end.  This spot was played nationally to support sign awareness by Gemini Letters of Cannon Falls.  Spot written and produced by Promovideo.

 Red Wing Story: The SHOT 

Red Wing Story about "The Shot" that propelled Red Wing to the 1972 MN State High School Basketball Tournament.  In 2016 Bill Hannisch relives his half court heroics as he looks back at footage of the game that Promovideo edited together for this Red Wing Story.

 Red Wing:The Natural Choice 

Still today, this is a great overview to what makes Red Wing special.  
2002 promotional VCB video about activities, events and history of Red Wing, MN.  Narrated by Charlie Boone, this video was written and produced by Promovideo for the RW Visitors and Convention Bureau.

 Sewing Room Training 

In 2016 Promovideo wrote and produced a series of 12 staff training videos for use by a major composite manufacturer in Winona. This training video detailings procedures for the plant's Sewing Room.  

 Gleason's 50th Anniversary 

In 2016, Larry Gleason hosts this look back at 50 years of helping kids and adults learn gymnastics.  Gleason's Gymnastics School 50th anniversary video produced by Tom Feehan of Promovideo. 

 Recycling Comes to Life 

Here are 3 different Promovideo recycling videos mashed up into one. First we hear about a Milk and Juice Box Recycling program then its the Recycling Awareness or RAP Patrol and this mash-up ends with an dated but still relevant educational video on office paper recycling.

 Pastor Recruitment Video 

Church promotion and Pastor recruitment video for Christ Episcopal Church produced in 2015 by Promovideo.

 Red Wing Story: Ash Mining 

Red Wing Social Activist Allan Muller gives background info about the Ash Mining development proposed (2017) for Red Wing's Landfill.  
Video designed and created by Promovideo.

Pottery Museum of Red Wing School Tour

Pottery Museum of Red Wing School Tour Informational video - 3 minutes

 Ricci in 60 Promotional Video 

60 seconds is all it takes to introduce the Portable Machining Solutions of DL Ricci.  Video used on website, shows and sent to customers through e-news.  Produced by Token Media and Promovideo.

 Non-Profit Clinical Video

The Care Clinic in Red Wing recently celebrated 10 years of service to the Goodhue County area.  Providing free medical and low cost dental services the Care Clinic now works out of the old Seminary Home Building and has served over 18,000 patients.  Video produced by Tom Feehan and Promoviceo. 

 Animated Training Boots 

"Boot Camp" created for Red Wing Shoe Company, uses animated boots to introduce "Just in Time" manufacturing processes.  

Animation, design and video production by Promovideo plus voice-overs by Tom Feehan.

 Buy Recycled Training PSA 

60 second "Buy Recycled" Public Service Announcement written, produced and edited by Promovideo (talent by Tom Feehan).  
PSA played  on Channel 11 during Saturday Night Live.

 Marketing Red Wing Ignite 

Promotional video for Red Wing Ignite Promovideo produced in 2015. Used to inform prospective business start-ups about the variety of services Red Wing Ignite could support them with.

 Marketing Wind Energy 

2 minute promotional video about the groundbreaking technology with Windtech Wind Turbines.  Video written and produced by Promovideo.

The Last Pottery Strike 

6 minute musical Red Wing Story that is historically accurate (mostly) showing both sides of the final Red Wing Pottery Strike in 1967.  This story is one of seven stories in the "Bend in the River: 7 Most Important Red Wing Stories" (2005).  Production was written and produced by Tom Feehan with video created by Promovideo.

  Red Wing Bridge Animation 

MN-Dot created animation of new Red Wing Mississippi River Bridge. Promovideo edited the original animation, added titles and music and hosted it on Promovideo's site; where this Red Wing Story of a bridge has over 25,000 views.

Welcome to Stoney End Harps

Welcome To Stoney End Harps and the Hobgoblin Music Barn. Video tour of the grounds presented by Gary Stone.  Created by Promovideo.

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