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Gold at Red Wing Slumberland

Deb Diggins is the owner of the Red Wing Slumberland Store and Mom to Olympic Gold Medalist Jessie Diggins.  Deb talks about her trip to the Olympics and about bringing up an Olympic champ.

Here are Red Wing Stories which are videos about the people, commerce and rich history of Red Wing, Minnesota.
Your business could sponsor a Red Wing Story for under $500
If you have a favorite Red Wing historic person or event we can bring to life, then contact Promovideo. 

Your Red Wing Story includes production and distribution of video on these Red Wing media:     &

 Norstad:  Red Wing's General

Meet Red Wing's General Lauris Norstad, an airman, strategist and diplomat, one of our countries great military leaders.  Globally respected, in Red Wing General Norstad (1925 Central High Grad) will always be "Lally".

 Red Wing's TB Sheldon House Renovation

Three minute recap video about exterior restoration work done
by ALLSTAR Construction to the historic TB Sheldon Mansion
in Red Wing, MN.

 Red Wing Story: The SHOT 

Red Wing Story about "The Shot" that propelled Red Wing to the 1972 MN State High School Basketball Tournament.  In 2016 Bill Hannisch relives his half court heroics as he looks back at footage of the game.

 Red Wing Story: The Last Pottery Strike 

6 minute, historically accurate (mostly) musical enactment showing both sides of the final Red Wing Pottery Strike in 1967.  This story is one of seven stories in the "Bend in the River: 7 Most Important Red Wing Stories" (2005).  Production was written and produced by Tom Feehan with video created by Promovideo.

 Red Wing Story: Ash Mining 

Red Wing Social Activist Allan Muller gives background info about the Ash Mining development proposed for Red Wing's Landfill.  
Video designed and created by Promovideo.

 Red Wing: The Natural Choice 

Great overview to what is Red Wing.  2002 promotional video about activities, events and history of Red Wing, MN.  Narrated by Charlie Boone, video was written and produced by Promovideo for RWVCB.

 Barn Bluff Protest Song 

Red Wing Bridge Update

Hear the protest song to save Barn Bluff in 1908 as the Barn Bluff Preservation Tea Club Band sings like the Beatles to stop the limestone mining on Barn Bluff.  Part of the "Bend in the River" show at the Sheldon (2005) and one of the "7 Most Important Red Wing Stories" written and produced by Tom Feehan, video by Promovideo.

 New Bridge Animation 

Bridge Animation from MN-DOT about the 2017-2020 new Red Wing Bridge replacing the Eisenhower Bridge.  Video edited and titles from Promovideo. Over #25,000 Facebook views.

Produced by Promovideo this 4 minute video hosted by Red Wing City Planner Brian Peterson gives a river bridge update focusing on the Red Wing Button Hook area that will be worked on this Spring and Summer.

 Red Wing Judge at Nuremberg

From 1947-49 Judge William Christianson of Red Wing was an International Judge at Nuremberg, Germany for the Nazi War Crimes Tribunal.   Here are 5 minutes of recollections from Bill, his son, who went to Germany with the family for the 3 years of trials. 

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