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The Red Wing Shoe Company has used Promovideo for training videos, Corporate and Civic Events and for other videos.  Their knowledge and professional assessment contributed significantly to our satisfaction with the end project.

The entire Red Wing VCB Board and all its members are very satisfied with the video you created for us. The video has exceeded our expectations in  quality and you have proven yourself to be a very skilled producer.  The video shows Red Wing at its best in every season, and it will be a major marketing tool used by our agency for years to come.

Tom Feehan and Promovideo have done numerous projects for Gemini Inc. and we are more than satisfied with the results.  Ranging from 25 minute educational programs to 30 seconds TV spots, Tom has done a super job.

Mr. Feehan completed a series of videos to help explain and promote our Goodhue County solid waste management system and waste abatement programs.  The 2 videos and 4 commercials were done in a timely and creative manner and we are pleased to use the videos at local shows, at school presentations and for online educational opportunities.  We have received many positive comments regarding the finished videos.

Sending you a huge Thank You, for your video work on the campaign CD.  I just completed my last training today and heard VERY positive comments.  Thank you for your patience, good humor and willingness to
change mid-stream.  

The video was produced on a very limited budget, but the pictures, sound and creativity of the final product made us glad we choose Promovideo to help us develop a pilot recycling news show.  We hope to use Promovideo again and would not hesitate to recommend their video production services to businesses or governmental agencies with creative needs.

We are most pleased with the finished video and have had occasion to show it to several audiences.  We have received many compliments on the video and know it will be an excellent marketing tool for our community. Thank you Promovideo for the excellent work you did in producing our community promotional video.

I want to express my thanks and appreciation for a "Job well done" on our recycled paper video.  Thanks in great measure to you, not only is the end product excellent but we also had a lot of fun producing it.  This is my first experience in assembling a customer training  video and I know the result will be a hit with our customers.

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